Social Services Unit

All of us experience anxiety over predictable transitions in life: the birth of a child, last child leaving home or dealing with aging parents. We may also encounter unpredictable crisis in our lives such as: the death of a loved one, violence in a relationship or being the victim of a crime.

During theses periods, the fears and emotional strains which may appear can often be more upsetting than the incident themselves. It is at these moments that the Social Services Unit may be of assistance.

Referrals are made by police officers who have had contacts with individuals or families experiencing social, psychological and/or behavioral problems. School personnel, local hospitals and community agencies who encounter individuals with problems of a high risk nature may also make referrals to the Social Service Unit.


The Social Services Unit provides the following services:

  • Consultation to Local Professionals
  • Court Advocacy With Victims
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Information and Referral
  • Public Awareness Presentations
  • Short-Term Counseling

Counseling services are offered to adults and children of all ages. Individual, couple and/or family counseling is available to referred clients. Advocacy is provided in criminal court for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and other types of violent crimes. Public Awareness presentations are also available on a variety of subjects.