Police Beat 8100

Welcome to Police Beat 8100. I am Sergeant Chris Stearns, the primary contact and Beat Coordinator of 8100. I was hired by the Palatine Police Department in 2015 and have served the Department in a variety of different roles which includes Field Training Officer, School Resource Officer, and Juvenile Officer. I am currently assigned as a day shift supervisor working from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Beat Location

Beat 8100 is located on the southwest section of Palatine and is one of the larger police beats made up of mostly residential communities and several businesses.

It is bordered by Palatine Road to the north and extends south to the Village limits. It stretches east to west from Hicks Road to Roselle Road and covers portions of council districts 1, 2 and 6. Schools within the beat include: William Fremd High School, District 211 Academy North, Hunting Ridge, Kirk Center, Pleasant Hill, Stuart Paddock, and Harper College. The beat is also home to numerous parks and trails in the Palatine Park District. Beat Officers utilize an All-Terrain vehicle, as well as bicycle patrols in an effort to be more visible in those areas that cannot be reached by a traditional police car. It is our mission to preserve the peace and community feel of Palatine by providing professional police services to this beat. Beat Officers accomplish this not only through their regular patrol responsibilities but by also meeting with residents in neighborhood watch groups, attending block parties, and working cooperatively with school officials on a regular basis.

Further Information

The Officers in beat 8100 strive to adhere to the Mission of the Palatine Police Department and the Neighborhood Based Policing Philosophy. If you are in need of immediate police assistance or need to report any criminal or suspicious activity, please call 911. If you have any questions or concerns involving beat 8100, you can reach me at 847-359-9000. Thank you.