Police Beat 8180

Linehurst ManorWelcome to Beat 8180, I am Sergeant Joe Murphy, the coordinator of the beat and your primary contact should you have any questions or concerns regarding the neighborhood. Residents of the beat are fortunate to have the higher level of quality officers that staff this beat as they bring a wide array of experiences and specialties with them that help forge relationships with the community and solve various problems. The Neighborhood Based Policing Philosophy of the police department allows beat 8180 to have officers assigned solely to this area. The beat officers are supplemented by a cadre of other officers including a power shift of 6 Uniformed Tactical officers, which includes 2 K-9 officers that not only cover our beat but assist in other areas of town where problems may arise. The officers in the beat make use of foot and bike patrols to promote visibility and safeguard the community.


Beat 8180 is the smallest geographical beat in town because the beat is made up of several large multi-family apartment and condominium communities as well as some single family homes, making it very populated. The beat also includes Park Place shopping center, La Rosita Plaza and is also home to numerous businesses along Wal-Mart Parking LotRand and Dundee Roads. The Palatine Opportunity Center also makes its home in 8180 on Rand Road and as a not for profit organization, provides services (health care, child care, pregnancy assistance and social services) to those that live within Palatine Township. Many of the children that live in beat 8180 participate annually in the Police Department sponsored summer camp. Officers volunteer their time to assist in the camp activities like swimming, visiting museums and attending baseball games. The summer camp is a way for beat officers to actively mentor the kids and feel more connected to the community.

Community Relationship

Within beat 8180 we continually do our best to create relationships with our residents so that we may better serve your needs and resolve your issues. You are our eyes and ears and we do need you to call 911 when you see a crime occurring, notice suspicious activity, or need assistance. Please feel free to contact me at 847-359-9000 if you would like to set up a neighborhood/complex meeting with your beat officers, have questions or concerns or would like to start a Neighborhood Watch group. Your continued support of the Police Department and its varying initiatives, along with the relationships we are making within the community, will continue to make Palatine a safer place to live and work.