Police Beat 8170

Hello and welcome to Police Beat 8170. My name is Mike Campbell and I am the Beat Sergeant for 8170. I have been with the Palatine Police Department since 2001 and was assigned as the 8170 team leader in 2019.   PlaygroundI am currently assigned to the afternoon shift where my shift starts at 1:30 p.m. and ends at 9:30 p.m.


Our police beat, known as 8170, is located on the north side of Palatine. It is roughly bordered by Dundee Road to the south, Hicks and Rand roads to the west, Lake Cook Road to the north, and Old Hicks Road to the east. Our beat is probably best well known for the Rand Road corridor and its accompanying businesses. Perhaps lesser known to the public but equally important to our police officers are the many residential neighborhoods located within our police beat.

Resident Partnership

One of the underpinnings of our police service is partnership with the residents of 8170. We pride ourselves in the healthy mix of single family, condominium, and rental properties located in our beat and working cooperatively with all these residents. Our officers have sponsored outdoor family movie nights, helped judge neighborhood chili cook offs, and attended Safety Socials via the Crime Free Multi-Housing program. These less formal settings have always led to more open lines of communication with those we serve.Tore and Lukes

These cooperative efforts apply to our businesses and other service providers as well. We look forward to continuing our partnerships with established businesses as well as forming partnerships with the new businesses opening within the beat. Finally, the Northeast Palatine Summer Camp has always been based in 8170 in cooperation with numerous other community organizations and the Palatine Police Department. This program will continue into the future and will make use of Falcon Park Recreation Center.