Animal Control

Animal control vanThe Palatine Police Animal Control Unit is available to assist residents as well as businesses with domestic and wildlife issues. Information and referrals are provided as needed. Any in-progress animal issues such as: dogs running loose, animal bite incidents, injured wildlife, etc. should be directed to 911. Other animal issues may be directed to the Animal Control Unit by calling 847-359-9000.

Spay / Neuter Program

The State of Illinois has a spay/neuter program available for low income residents. The Animal Population Control Program was designed to decrease the amount of strays in our cities which in turn protects the public by a lower incidence of animal bites.

An "application with income documentation" must be submitted to the Illinois Department of Public Health for approval. Vet participation is voluntary. For further information about this program and applications, view the Animal Population Control Program brochure (PDF) from the IDPH website.


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Living with Wildlife

For information on dealing with nuisance wildlife issues, please click here.