Red Light Enforcement Program

The Village of Palatine began operating red light enforcement cameras at selected intersections beginning in early 2008. The intersections are identified as "Red Light Photo Enforced" through signage. The following intersections are equipped with red light enforcement cameras:

  • Northbound Plum Grove Road at Illinois Avenue
  • Westbound Palatine Road at Northwest Highway
  • Eastbound Dundee Road at Rand Road
  • Westbound Dundee Road at Rand Road
  • Northbound Rand Road at Hicks Road

The Village of Palatine has three main objectives for implementing the program:

  • To reduce the number of injury crashes resulting from right angle and turning collisions
  • Reduce the total number of crashes at an intersection overall
  • Reduce the number of Red Light Violations at the selected intersections

Questions about red light cameras can be sent to the below email link

36-Month Statistical Analysis