Pre-Submittal Meeting

The time to schedule a Pre-Submittal meeting is when you are ready to submit for a permit. The Permit Control Coordinator will review the required drawings/specifications and permit application to determine if they meet the requirements needed for permit submittal. If the drawings/specifications and application meet the requirements, the application will be accepted for review. If the drawings/specifications and application are not complete, a list of required items for the permit submittal will be provided to you. A new appointment may be required based on the missing items.

Please refer to the Residential Submittal Requirements (PDF) or the Commercial/Multi-Family Submittal Requirements (PDF) for detailed information about what is required to submit for a building permit.

Required Meeting Attendance

Required to Attend a Pre-Submittal Meeting prior to applying for a building permit

  • Basement Build-outs
  • Commercial Projects-All
  • Converting a Garage to Living Space
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels
  • New Garage
  • New Single Family/Multi-Family
  • Residential Additions/Alterations


Exempt from Pre-Submittal Meeting

  • Commercial paving projects
  • Express Permits
  • Multi-Family or Commercial Roofs
  • Residential drainage projects
  • Signs
  • Window enlargements

Please contact Mary May at 847-359-9042 for more specific information about the Pre-Submittal Meeting