Changes to Approved Plans & Contractors

Field Inspections

Field inspections ensure that the scope of work complies with approved drawings. Be sure to obtain permission from the Building Department prior to making any changes to the approved plans.


Deviations from approved drawings will require modification to the permit drawings by the architect of record and require subsequent approvals by the Village of Palatine Project Development Professional. A cover letter with the architect’s signature and seal describing the change will be required, as well as three new sets of architecturally clouded drawings.

Unapproved Changes

Please be advised that unapproved changes to the project will halt the inspection process and may even result in a stop work order.  To avoid such delays please submit any modifications prior to their construction.

Change in Contractors

If the general contractor or any of the subcontractors change, a letter from the owner stating the change from the old contractor to the new contractor is required. The new contractor is also required to be licensed and registered with the Village of Palatine before any required inspections resume.


Submit revisions through the CSS system. Please see the guide below for assistance. Revisions may take an additional 5 business days to process/approve.

CSS Resubmittal Guide