Elevator Program

Elevator Inspections

The Village of Palatine has re-instated the bi-annual elevator inspection program. Previously, the Office of the State Fire Marshall took ownership of the program. Due to a lack of staffing, the State has not been able to effectively administer the program. In order to ensure the safety of our residents and visitors, the Village Council approved the reinstatement of the program locally.

                                                Now Available Online

                       Elevator Inspection Results  and Payment of Invoices          CSS Logo Aug 18 2020

The Village of Palatine has implemented a new on-line customer self-service portal. Through the Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal, residents, contractors, property managers and business owners will be able to search for an address or parcel, apply for permits and licenses, pay an invoice (certain services), request an inspection, and more. The CSS portal will also provide residents, contractors, and business owners the ability to start and save permit or plan applications for submittal at a later date and receive updates on submittals and requests in real time.

The CSS portal will bring our residents and businesses into the community development process by providing online access to information. On-line tools help to ensure effective communication while eliminating the need for a phone call or office visit. 

Please create an account on the CSS system. Once the account is created please contact our office so we can attach your contact record to your elevator account. 


Registering in the CSS System:  To utilize the Village’s new CSS system, you must first register in the system.  To start this process please click on the following link:  Citizen Self Service Portal

Step-by-Step CSS Registration Guide: The Village has created a Step-by-Step Guide to help walk you through the registration process.   To view the guide please click on the following link: EnerGov Registration and Log-In Guide

Elevator resource guide for viewing inspection results: The Village has created a Step-by Step Guide to help walk you through how to view your inspection results. To view the guide please click on the following link: Elevator inspection Guide

Elevator Program Guidelines

  • Effective January 1, 2010, Thompson Elevator Inspection Service, Inc. will be performing all annual inspections of conveyances in the Village of Palatine.  
  • Annual inspections are required by ordinance.
  • The Village fee schedule provides the current fees associated with the Elevator Program.
  • You will be invoiced in March for the annual fees due and, if necessary, billed for each re-inspection.

Your licensed elevator contractor is your best source for determining your compliance needs per each elevator / conveyance in your building.

For questions regarding the elevator program, please contact the Building Department at 847-359-9042.