Water Rates

Water charges are pursuant to the classifications:

A "user/consumer" is defined as a residential dwelling unit, commercial unit, business unit, industrial unit, educational unit, governmental unit, institutional unit, or any other occupiable unit or combination thereof, having direct access and use of water and/or sewer services regardless of whether water is or is not metered through a single master meter. Unit counts for commercial, business, industrial or institutional uses shall be determined on an individual analysis of occupied or common areas having direct access to water services. Water provided as a general service to common area will be counted as one unit under this definition when determining the total direct access units regardless of the number of direct distribution users.

2023 Water Usage Rates

Service Area
Basic User Charge per Month
First 74,810 Gallons (10,000 Cubic Feet) of Consumption per 1,000 Gallons
For All Consumption Over 74,810 Gallons (10,000 Cubic Feet) per 1,000 Gallons)
Within the Village
$2.85 $5.30 $6.85
Outside the Village and are not Within the Village of Deer Park
$3.50 $12.20 $13.75

The minimum usage billing will be for the quantity of 5,000 gallons. 

* Additional charges may apply depending on your service area.