Additional Utility Charges

Local Storm Water Drainage Facility Surcharge Rate

The local storm water drainage facility maintenance surcharge will be computed to allocate the annual maintenance cost of storm water drainage facilities accepted for maintenance by the Village to those lots served by such facilities. The charge per lot to be established by the Village Council at the time such facility is accepted by the Village. The charge is subject to adjustment upon an annual review by the Department of Finance and Operations.

Each affected user/consumer of the Fair Meadows Drainage Facility shall be charged at the flat rate of $1.50 per month.

Stormwater Management Fee

The Stormwater Management Fee is a revenue that helps support the maintenance and operation of the Village’s stormwater management system as well as fund upgrades and new installations of storm sewer and other overland Village owned stormwater control facilities including retention and detention structures. The fee shall consist of a monthly charge imposed upon each residential, commercial, industrial and institutional unit located within the incorporated limits of the Village.

The fee is subject to adjustment by the Village Council at their sole discretion.

Each affected user/consumer shall be charged at the flat rate of $3.75 per month.