Smoke Alarm Program

Smoke Alarm Program

The Palatine Fire Department is excited to announce our no-cost, needs-based Smoke Alarm Program.  The goal of this program is to ensure that our most at-risk residents are adequately protected in the event of a fire.  This program is focused on providing worry-free smoke alarms to those Palatine residents with limited financial means, disabilities, seniors sixty-five (65) and over, and residents who are unable to install their alarms because of physical limitations. 

To participate in this program, call our SMOKE ALARM HOTLINE at (847) 202-6310. Please leave your name, address, and phone number and your call will be returned to schedule your installation. Palatine residents can also email to participate.  This program is available at no cost to qualifying Palatine residents while supplies last. 

The Palatine Fire Department wishes to thank the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance, The Home Depot, and Palatine Firefighters IAFF Local 4588 for their generous contributions to this program. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of smoke alarm will be installed with the program? 

A 10-year sealed battery ionization technology smoke alarm.  These smoke alarms have a non-replaceable sealed-in battery so there is no need to ever replace the battery.  These smoke alarms will need to be replaced after 10 years. 

How long will the installation take? 

Installation time will depend on how much planning is required and how many alarms will need to be installed.  The typical installation will take about ten (10) minutes per alarm. 

I have hard-wired smoke alarms, are these included in the program? 

No.  Hard-wired smoke alarms are not included in this program.  This program provides stand-alone, battery-operated smoke alarms.