Curbside Service


  • Groot performs all residential refuse and recycling collection for the Village of Palatine.
  • Residents must utilize refuse and recycling carts provided by Groot for collection.  Any excess refuse or recycling may be bagged and placed next to the carts for collection.  Please note, refuse carts have black lids and recycling carts have either green or yellow lids.
  • The Groot refuse and recycling carts are available in three sizes (35, 65, and 95-gallon).  If you wish to request a different size refuse or recycling cart please contact Groot directly at (800) 244-1977.  Please note there will be a $30 fee charged by Groot to exchange cart sizes.
  • When placed out for collection, please provide space between the refuse and recycling carts, as well as space from any other obstructions (trees, mailboxes, utility poles, etc.).
  • New single-family, townhome, and two-flat residents must contact the Village of Palatine - Utility Billing at (847) 359-9082 to set up an account for service.
  • For information regarding move in/out refuse collection please contact the Village's Environmental Health Division at (847) 359-9042.
  • An unlimited amount of bagged/bundled yard waste may be placed at the curb for weekly collection (no stickers are required).  The collection of bagged/bundled yard waste is available as part of your regular refuse and recycling collection and occurs from the first full week of April through the second full week of December.  Guidelines for yard waste can be found by clicking here

To find your garbage and recycling pick up day search our property look up.