Alarm Program

Residential & Business Alarm Permit Program

Statistics show that in the U.S. a burglary happens every 14 seconds. Statistics also show that 34% enter though the front door, 23% enter though the first floor windows, 22% enter from the back doors, 9% from the garage, 6% from unlocked entrances and storage areas, 4% from the basement and 2% from the second floor.

With proper training, installation and regular maintenance a burglar alarm system can be effective and bring a sense of security to your home. Poorly installed, used or maintained systems can cause significant problems. Therefore, it is important for you to know what you are buying and installing.

Do not buy out of fear! Below are some very important questions to ask your sales representative and a place to record the answers for later comparison.

Palatine Alarm Ordinance

Palatine has a security alarm ordinance very similar to other municipalities to govern the operation of security alarms within the Village. The ordinance is designed to curb unnecessary police response to excessive false alarm activations. False alarms can not only erode the overall security of your home or business and possibly cause police officers to be called away from other needed police services, but can also become an undue disturbance to your neighbors.

Our alarm ordinance states that it is unlawful for anyone within the Village to operate a home or business alarm system without first obtaining an alarm permit. Permit applications can be obtained at the Police Department. There is a one-time $25 application fee.

False Alarms

If the Police Department responds to your home or business for a false alarm, you would receive a "false alarm report" in the mail that you would need to complete and return to the Police Department within three business days. This report would inquire as to what corrective action has been taken to prevent future false alarms from occurring.

For a third false alarm occurrence at a given location within any six month period, and for all succeeding responses within that six months, a fee of $50 may be charged to the alarm system owner by the Village.