Flood Assistance Programs

Basement Protection Program

Residential Storm Water Drainage Programs

Goals: Reduce adverse impact of storm water, improvement of life, add enjoyment of property, reduce nuisances, improve village environment, empower residents with options that are proportional to issues.

  Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Plan Outline

Public Storm Sewer Extension Program
Private Storm Sewer Reimbursement Program
Rain Garden (Bio-Swale) Reimbursement Program
Sump Pump Low-Interest Loan Program
Program Intent

Intended to extend the Village storm sewer to areas not served and are experiencing
excessive water accumulation. And to bring older storm sewers up to current standards.
Intended to extend a private storm sewer to areas not served and are experiencing isolated water accumulation.
Intended for areas experiencing isolated water accumulation that can not be accessed by village storm sewer.
Intended for use when the sump pump is the sole cause of excessive accumulation.
Properties Affected
2 or more
1 or more
Properties Required to Participate
2 or more, plus any required



Total Cost
Approximately $15,000
Approximately $5,000
Approximately $4,000
Approximately $3,000
Property Contributions
$1,200 x Number of Benefiting Properties
Remainder of Cost
Remainder of Cost
Village Costs
Remainder of Cost
Half of the Cost Up to $2,500
Three-Quarters of the Cost Up to $3,000
Loan Only
Permits N/A Resident Required
Inspections Required
Resident Required
Design Village Resident Resident Resident
Ownership Village Resident Resident Resident
Contractor Village Bid and Selected
Resident Selected
Resident Selected Resident Selected
Last Day Applications Will Be Accepted for Current Year Funding
Last Friday in June
Last Friday in October
Last Friday in October
Last Friday in December
Notes Village storm sewer
extensions are designed and a route is based to develop the most cost effective solution to benefit the properties affected.

Sump pumps may be
connected, but will not
be paid for by the
Would empower resident to select contractor, dictate schedule and leverage Village assistance.

Is not a sump pump
connection program.
Rain gardens are designed
with the Low Impact
Development (LID) concept. A rain garden can be used as an alternative fix (cheaper/faster) to help alleviate water problems
closer to the source, unlike traditional draining methods.

Sump pumps may be
Used when resident's sump pump is causing excessive accumulation.

Geared for sump pump connection to storm sewer.
For More Information
Contact Engineering
View Information Packet (PDF)
View Information Packet (PDF)
View Information Packet (PDF)