Applying for a Special Event 

Special Events help create a vibrant and interesting community. They also involve advance planning, logistics and can create impacts that require Village services and regulation.

To make sure your next event runs smoothly, please contact the Village at 847-359-9050 with plenty of lead time to determine the need for a Special Event Permit and start the application process.

A Special Event Application must be completed for the following special events:

  • All outdoor events held on Village property, i.e., streets, sidewalks, and/or deemed to significantly impact normal Village operations (such as Police patrol, Fire/EMS service, etc.) are considered special events.
  • An event that requests any of the following actions is considered a special event: - Any Event requiring street closures (except block parties, which are not considered special events). - Events that require closure of Village parking lots and/or the use of Village-owned property. - An outdoor event held by a licensed business that will be open to the general public is considered a special event and requires a special event permit. Examples of such events include sidewalk sales, tent sales, promotions held in parking lots, etc.
  • An event that is open to the general public and provides alcoholic beverages

Special Event Applications and Permits

Other events not defined as "special events may still require permits for food and temporary structures.

 Other Special Event Guidelines/Resources

Other Event Applications

Special Event Outreach Resources