Rental Program Overview

In an effort to maintain a high standard of living within the Village of Palatine, the Village Council created the Rental Dwelling Licensing Program. Since 1990, this program has proven successful in helping tenants and property owners maintain living conditions and property values.

The Rental Licensing Program is mandated under Chapter 10 of the Village Code of Ordinances, "Existing Structures Maintenance and Occupancy Code" which can be found on the Village of Palatine website.

Furthermore, Chapter 10 adopts the applicable Codes which regulate interior and exterior property maintenance regulations for residential properties.

Types of Properties Up for Review

Under this program, every residential rental property is required to be inspected and to obtain an annual Rental Dwelling License. This includes, but is not limited to, the following types of residential rental properties:

  • Coach Homes;
  • Condominiums;
  • Duplexes;
  • Multiple-Family Apartment Complexes;
  • Single-Family Homes;
  • Town homes; and
  • Two, Three, Four and Six Flats.