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1. How can I schedule a pre-submittal meeting with a planner to discuss a specific project?
2. How can I get in touch with a Planner to ask a general question?
3. How do I know the setbacks for my property?
4. Do I need special zoning approval for a fence?
5. How much parking does my commercial property need?
6. How do I know if I need a special zoning request?
7. What are the fees for special zoning requests?
8. How do I submit for a building permit?
9. What is the status of my zoning request?
10. What is the status of my building permit?
11. When is the next public meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission or Village Council?
12. How do I find the outcome of a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting?
13. Do I need special zoning approval for a pool, deck or outdoor structure?
14. Where can I build a shed?
15. Who do I contact about a complaint?
16. Who do I contact if I have a question or comment about a zoning application?