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  1. Please do not use this form if you have a permit in the new CSS system. You must request your inspection through the CSS portal. Https://

    Please be sure to allow for a minimum of 24 hours when requesting inspections. The 24 hour request time begins on the business day following your request. Inspection requests made after hours, weekends or on Holidays, will be responded to on the next operational business day. A re-inspection fee will be charged for each failed inspection or any inspection not canceled by 4 p.m. on the previous day for inspections scheduled for the next morning and by 11 a.m. on the day of for afternoon inspections.

  2. Approved "Job Copies" are required to be on site for all inspections.
  3. Your inspection is not scheduled until you receive a confirmation email.
    Once your email request is received we will do our best to fill your request. If we cannot fill your specific request, the next available time slot will be provided. If you have any questions about Fire Code Inspections, please call 847-359-9029.
  4. The following inspection checklists can help you determine what inspections are required.
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