Why does the bike route suddenly end after a few blocks?

The Palatine Bicycle Transportation Plan consists of approximately 26 miles of bike routes. The Federal grant used on this phase covers approximately 12 miles of the plan. It is the full intent for the routes to eventually continue as planned.

Streets that will be getting new lane markings as part of this project include sections of Illinois Avenue, Sterling Avenue, Wood Street west of Cedar Street, Wilmette Avenue, Winston Drive, Anderson Drive, Carpenter Drive, Cunningham Drive, Old Hicks Road, Gardenia Lane, Baldwin Road, and Colfax Street.

The Village will monitor the routes and record feedback from residents of any problems encountered as a result of these new lane markings. We are open to making changes should any of the routes become problematic. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Elias Koutas, Deputy Director of the Public Works Department, at 847-705-5200.

Palatine Bicycle Transportation Plan (PDF)

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1. Why is the Village installing bike routes when we already have bike trails?
2. What type of lane markings are being installed on the streets?
3. Why does the bike route suddenly end after a few blocks?