What happens at a Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting?

1. The Chair calls the meeting to order and roll call is taken to ensure a quorum.

2. Minutes and Findings of Fact of the previous meeting are approved.

3. The Chair reads the legal notice authorizing a public hearing and numbers exhibits presented in advance as evidence by either the petitioner or others.

4. Chair calls on the staff, the petitioner, and members of the public (in that order) to present testimony. Anyone who wishes to ask a question or make a statement is sworn in as a witness. The petitioner is not required to, but may answer questions raised by the audience. The chair will not permit argument or unproductive exchange to develop between the audience, the petitioner, commission members, and / or staff.

5. The public hearing is closed, and the Board deliberates on the matter. If there is more than one public hearing scheduled, the Board may hold all hearings before deliberating. Although you will not be able to speak or give further input after the public hearing is closed, you are encouraged to remain and listen. The Board in its deliberations will consider only evidence which is relevant to this petition. Evidence which may be considered includes such things as case law, procedure, traffic generation, property values, etc.

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1. What happens at a Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting?
2. Who are the Commission Members?
3. How do I testify?
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