What if I want my whole driveway apron replaced or the curb depressed?

The 50/50 Curb and/or Apron Replacement Program is available to residents that wish to replace their entire driveway apron or to replace the curb at the end of their driveway to remove the “bump”. To depress the curb, most of the time the apron must also be replaced to match the grade between the existing driveway and the street. The Village pays for 50% of the cost for this work and the resident pays 50%. Applications will be mailed to residents eligible for this program. Aprons will be replaced with the same material as the existing apron (asphalt with asphalt and concrete with concrete).

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1. What is resurfacing?
2. What work will be done?
3. What is the project schedule?
4. Will the roads be closed?
5. Will trucks and buses be able to use the road?
6. How do you decide what curb will be replaced?
7. How do you decide what sidewalk will be replaced?
8. What is a driveway apron?
9. If the curb at the end of my driveway is being replaced, will you also replace my driveway apron?
10. What if I want my whole driveway apron replaced or the curb depressed?
11. Will I have access to my driveway?
12. Can I park on the street during the project?
13. Can I drive on the tack coat?
14. When can I drive on the pavement?
15. When and how will the grass be restored?
16. Why does it take so long to complete the project? Why isn’t the contractor working today?
17. What happens if the contractor damages my sprinkler system, invisible dog fence, sump pump outlet, or brick paver apron in the parkway?
18. How can I check for updates?
19. What if I have more questions?