Who may participate in the hearing?
Who may participate in the hearing will vary, depending on the nature of the code violation.

Each hearing will be conducted by the Administrative Law Judge. The Administrative Law Judge is a licensed Illinois attorney appointed by the Mayor to preside over the hearing as an independent and impartial decision maker.

You may represent yourself. You may also hire an attorney to represent you at your own expense.

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1. What are the allowable defenses for a Red Light Violation?
2. What if I was not the operator of the car at the time the violation took place, am I still liable?
3. What should I bring to my hearing?
4. What do I do when I arrive for my hearing?
5. Who may participate in the hearing?
6. How is the hearing conducted?
7. What if I am found liable?
8. What if I am found not liable?
9. What if either side disagrees with the Administrative Law Judge’s decision?
10. What happens I did not appear at my hearing date?
11. Are there any court costs to request to contest the violation?