I received an overweight ticket. How do I pay the fine?
Technically, you are not paying the fine, but posting bail. Anytime a uniform traffic ticket is issued in Illinois, bail must be posted in order to get the ticket transmitted to the county clerk. This is like posting bail to get your friend out of jail, except we usually don’t lock people up in jail for traffic tickets! With other moving violations, the bail is usually $120 or a drivers license. In the case of overweight violations however, the bond schedule is tiered based upon how far overweight the truck was. Once the bond is posted, no court appearance is required however. The fine is the same as the bond amount.

The following bond payment methods must be posted in person at the Palatine Police Department. All check options need to be made payable to the Circuit Court of Cook County:
- Credit Card (The cardholder whose name is on the card must be present to sign. No phone orders)
- Cash
- Cashiers Check
- Certified Check
- Money Order

The bond methods below may be paid over the phone as the officer has blank checks for each banking system. Again, the payee for each check must be the Circuit Court of Cook County”
- ComChek (Comdata): 800-741-3030 (press 5 for “will call”)
- T-Check Systems: 800-776-2435
- EFS Transcheck: 800-238-4022
- TCH Check: 800-405-5601
- Fleet One: 800-359-7587

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