Refuse Cart Rental Program

Program Details (Note: This program will end in late 2019 as refuse carts will be provided for free to all residents that participate in the curbside collection program)  

  • Residents may rent a 95-gallon refuse cart directly from Groot for a fee. The 2019 annual rental fee is $36.  Fees subject to change. Only refuse carts provided by Groot are permitted for use.
  • Fee payment to Groot will be required prior to cart delivery.
  • Use of a 95-gallon cart is optional. Residents are not required to rent a refuse cart.
  • Residents with 95-gallon carts will continue to receive unlimited refuse collection. Additional refuse outside of cart must be bagged.
  • Smaller sizes of 65-gallon and 35-gallon carts are available for households that generate minimal amounts of refuse.
  • Carts sizes can be exchanged once, additional exchanges require a $25.00 fee from Groot.
  • Please keep the refuse cart four feet apart from other carts at the curb and away from mailboxes for automated collection operations.
  • To order your cart or to request an exchange, please call Groot directly at 800-244-1977. Please do not call the Village to order.