Liquor Licensing

The following information is created to provide a Liquor License Establishment with general information regarding the rules and regulations for an owner of a Palatine Liquor Establishment. There are multiple classifications of liquor licenses and it is the duty of each holder of a Palatine Liquor License to be aware of the full regulations for the Palatine Alcoholic Beverage Code (Chapter 3 of the Palatine Code of Ordinances) and the State of Illinois Liquor Control Act (235 ILCS 5/1).  

Fees for the liquor license classifications can be found on the Village of Palatine Fee Schedule Supplement to the Code of Ordinances.

Applications / Forms

Palatine Alcoholic Beverage Seller & Server Permit

The Village enforces its ordinances requiring employees acting as an owner, manager, or assistant manager of liquor establishments to have a Palatine Alcoholic Beverage Seller and Server (ABSS) Permit. Compliance with the Ordinance is mandatory. Those found not in compliance will be issued a citation. 

Palatine ordinance prohibits any person with a felony conviction from owning or working as a manager or assistant manager in a Palatine establishment. Fingerprints are required to conduct a background check for felony convictions as part of the ABSS permit. All owners and managers/assistant managers are required to be fingerprinted at those establishments every three years. Alcoholic Beverage Seller and Server Permits are valid for 3 years.

Palatine Employee BASSET Registration

All other employees who serve or sell alcohol or check IDs (bartender, bouncer, server, and check-out clerk, etc.) must register on the Village’s website here and provide their BASSET certificate number. Employees are required to provide a copy of their BASSET certificate to the establishment and the establishment must keep that copy on premises at all times. The employee online registration should be updated annually. New employees must register online within 30 days of employment. There is no fee for employee registration.

Each establishment is responsible for their employee's BASSET Registrations

ABSS Permit Application Requirements

The Village requires certain employees of liquor establishments (managers, assistant managers) to have a Palatine Alcoholic Beverage Seller and Server Permit.  An Alcoholic Beverage Seller and Server Permit can be obtained online through the Village’s Energov webpage:

You will need to upload a copy of the following documents onto the Energov application:

  • A copy of the applicants BASSET Certificate, which is an Illinois State requirement.  See links provided below to obtain a BASSET Certificate:  
  • A Copy of the applicant’s Driver’s License / State ID or other official Government ID.
  • If your application requires a felony conviction fingerprint check, at the completion of your ABSS permit application, you can go to the Palatine Police Department between the hours of 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday to have your fingerprints taken. Please call before arriving to the Police Department; ask for Chad Ericksen or Sergeant Dibble at the Police front desk to ensure proper staff are present. Fingerprinting is for verification to ensure the applicant or manager/assistant manager has never been convicted of a felony. 

For step by step instructions on creating a CSS account, see here.

For step by step instructions on applying for an ABSS permit, see here.

Further Information

Questions regarding the Palatine Alcoholic Beverage Seller and Servers Permit can be directed to Palatine Police Sergeant Michael Dibble at or 847-963-6286.

You can contact Police Department employee Chad Ericksen at 847-963-6288 or to ensure availability before arriving for fingerprinting. Chad is also available to answer questions during normal business hours.