1990 Comprehensive Plan Overview

In 1990, the Village saw itself as a community with a clear directive – as a community that “is, and desires to remain, a primarily single-family residential community.” The 1990 Comprehensive Plan has been used as the basis for zoning changes and development approvals as well as to provide guidance for transportation system and infrastructure improvements and direction for detailed planning studies for specific subareas. Since the Plan’s adoption, there have been a number of amendments. These amendments have focused on changes in recommended land use and refinement of the circulation system as previously vacant land becomes available for redevelopment.

The Plan’s goals are general expressions of community values and provide the framework for the Comprehensive Plan. The following goal statements were included in the 1990 Comprehensive Plan.

General Community Development

Maintain the low-density, suburban residential character of the community.
Encourage continued managed growth of the Village.


Encourage development of single-family homes in many price ranges as the primary form of new residential development.
Ensure the quality of new multiple-family developments, where such uses are appropriate.
Encourage development of affordable housing for special populations.
Encourage development of large, planned parcels rather than small piecemeal development.

Retail, Office and Light Industrial Development

Encourage new office, research, and light industrial development in the Village to help increase the tax base.
Achieve better control over the quality of new and redeveloping commercial areas.


Improve traffic circulation in Palatine.
Improve accessibility within the Village for special populations.

Community Appearance

Improve the appearance and quality of both existing and new retail/commercial development.

Open Space and Environmental Planning

Maintain sufficient parks and open space to serve all Palatine residents.
Ensure that new development is respectful of environmentally sensitive areas.


Provide water, sanitary and storm sewer facilities to all residents of Palatine